Dairy Chef’s First Fat MO Challenge Winner

One of the specialty items on the Dairy Chef is the Fat MO. The Fat MO is a 16-oz roast beef sandwich (that’s right, 1# of scrumptious, freshly sliced roast beef on a bun.) However we don’t want anyone walking away hungry so to make the meal complete, we toss in a pound of fries and a 32-oz malt with it to make it a meal fit for a king (a rather portly king, but a king nevertheless.)  The challenge that Dairy Chef poses to everyone and anyone: Eat all of this food in 15 minutes and get a free T-shirt and your picture on the Dairy Chef wall. Guess what?! We have our first Dairy Chef Fat MO challenge winner.

Ryan Michael

Fat Mo Eat-it-All Winner First OneWhile I was unfortunately not at the Dairy Chef to witness this most historic event, my sources who were present confirmed that Ryan Michael of Elkhorn downed all of this food in 14 minutes 58 seconds. In other words, he had two seconds to spare. The even greater tragedy (aside from me not being there to witness this historic event) is that our photographer failed to take a picture of all of this food before Ryan started eating it.  All I have is this picture of a much smaller Big MO roast beef and fries basket to share with you.

Big Mo Roast Beef FriesMy congratulations go out to Ryan as well as my thanks to him for taking the Fat MO challenge. We hope to have more pictures of other brave and hearty souls who downed all of this food (along with actual pictures of the food itself) in the weeks and months to come.

BTW – for those of you who are wondering why Dairy Chef calls the roast beef sandwich “the MO,” MO is the initials of one of the owners – Mike Ozmun. The name for the sandwich is courtesy of a friend of Mike’s who, upon learning that the Dairy Chef was going to offer a roast beef sandwich, suggested we use Mike’s initials as the name for the sandwich.

So there you have it, a little piece of Dairy Chef trivia. Of course, now that I share that piece of trivia with you, I need to go through the entire Dairy Chef menu and provide some context for why some of the other items on the menu are named the way they are as many have some history behind them as well. But that is the subject of another blog entry (or ten.)

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